Life Lived

Client: Life lived

Forefront Films were commissioned by Life Lived to create a concept film to represent the core values for this new venture. The film was shot on location in Yarra Valley + Phillip Island.

Concept: A reflection of a life lived through the eyes of a seasoned man looking back on the experiences he has shared with those who matter most to him. An elderly man logs onto the Life Lived website, and surveys keys moments which has defined his life, shared by those who are close to him. Flashes of memories are entwined as he ‘relives’ key moments he has shared with his departed partner, evoking a reminiscent reflection of emotion. Though the sadness is unavoidable, a smile emerges as he reflects and brings new life to his slowly fading memories for future generations to cherish. Through the use of a narrative voice over with emotive music, the visuals will reflect the heartfelt and emotion at the essence of Life Lived. The promotional film will feature several flashbacks which he resonates as key moments within the life he has lived.