Bram Leigh

Client: Bram Leigh

Bram Leigh Receptions is one of the premiere wedding venues in Melbourne, and it’s not hard to see why. Forefront Films was commissioned to create this personalised film showcasing why so many couples choose Bram Leigh as their wedding venue.

Meeting with the managers of Bram Leigh Receptions, one of the goals of creating this promotional video was to highlight the magic and opulence of the venue. With the venue set upon acres of hand manicured gardens, elegant dining facilities nestled among ancient pine, oak and silver birch trees, the aim was to showcase the ways the venue is different from others and the reason why it has been the recipient to multiple awards.

With this in mind, we captured the venue in its natural beauty and showcased it in context with many of the other charms that makes Bram Leigh Receptions the obvious choice for your wedding ceremony and reception venue. We took the time to interview and “get to know” the key members of the Bram Leigh team which provided us the opportunity to unlock the hidden gems which make the venue so unique and special. Entwined with stunning imagery of the venue and behind the scenes in the kitchen team, this film unearths the magical service that is Bram Leigh Receptions.

The primary purpose of creating the video was twofold: a short version was designed primarily for the venue to embed it on their website and use as a promotional tool on bridal directories with the aim to provide a more stimulating advertising show-piece than just a series of images. An in-depth feature was also created for playing in their showroom, which further highlights what the venue has to offer.